Long Goods Handling

  • Long-Goods-Handling

Cantilever Racking, Rollrack and A-rack are specially designed to store long goods and items of varying lengths.

Our products for long goods storage are ideal for safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads. They are ideal systems for storing steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture and packs of timber. Some of them are also suitable for storing boards, metal sheets or large and valuable items such as crates and boxes or even white goods.

  • Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever racking is ideal for storing difficult and long items such as steel bars, pipes, tubes, packs of timber, furniture and even white goods. The products are stored horizontally on the arms and handled either manually or by using forklift truck or cranes.

  • Light Duty Cantilever

    Light Duty Cantilever

    Store long lengths of timber, pipe, mouldings or other goods safely and easy to access with Dexion‘s light duty cantilever racking system.

  • A-Rack & Rack for Wood

    A-Rack & Rack for Wood

    The basis of timber storage is traditional pallet racking designed as drive-in racking. The racking can be supplied with rollers in a “pigeon-hole-design” in order to get a simple loading and unloading of batches of timber of different size and weight at short side handling.

  • Steel sheet cupboard

    Steel sheet cupboard

    Flat material like sheet and board, especially the combination of flat and heavy material demand special storage and handling solutions. Cantilever is one option, but even better is our own design - the Steel sheet cupboard.

  • Rollrack


    Rollrack long product storage, is the only effective storage solution for certain kinds of long goods, providing easy loading of goods.

  • Longspan Shelving

    Longspan Shelving

    Constructor Longspan - typical applications would be the storage of archives or other data held in file boxes or when the items being stored are either long or bulky.