Shelving Systems

Constructor shelving systems are ideal for the storage of documents and various other small objects.

The addition of sliding doors can protect your system’s content by enclosing the contents. The unique coating process guarantees 100% coverage of steel for a perfect finish. The shelving system can be made mobile at a later stage, if additional storage space is needed.

  • HI280 Heavy Duty Shelving

    HI280 Heavy Duty Shelving

    With our HI280 Heavy duty shelving system, you have at your disposal a very solid and stable construction to store literally tons of information to be accessed by multiple users.

  • HI280 Multi Tier Shelving

    HI280 Multi Tier Shelving

    Count yourself lucky if you can use a high building for your storage activities. There is a wealth of empty space up there, just waiting to be utilised. With our Silverline multi-tier system, you have at your disposal a very solid and stable construction.

  • Shelving System S90 Standard - Constructor

    S90 - Standard

    Where efficient use of space is concerned, Constructor S90 mobile storage solutions offer many advantages. Only one, single aisle is needed, enabling 70% more storage capacity than static shelving.

  • Longspan Shelving Systems

    Longspan Shelving

    Constructor Longspan - typical applications would be the storage of archives or other data held in file boxes or when the items being stored are either long or bulky.