Storage Machines & WMS

Automatic Storage Machines are computer-controlled storage and transfer systems that can significantly improve the efficiency of product storage and picking.

An automatic storage system can save up to 70% on floor space, reduce picking errors by 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

The most efficient way of using storage machines is to have article management included with the machine.

TC2000 article management software is especially developed for Tornado, Paternoster and HOCA and it can be included as standard to all our machines.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO)

    Lift Systems (TORNADO)

    Tornado offers safe and secure storage for your small part handling. The system's intelligent engine attempts to place active trays close to the retrieval point.

  • Vertical Carousel (PATERNOSTER)

    Vertical Carousel (PATERNOSTER)

    Paternoster is an excellent solution for optimal reduction of picking times. Particularly great reduction in picking time is seen with batch picking, offering more rapid turnaround.

  • PaC-Light Update package

    PaC-Light Update package

    PaC-Light control update package offers a new second life for old vertical carousel control systems.

  • Horizontal Carousel (HOCA)

    Horizontal Carousel (HOCA)

    Horizontal carousel is an excellent choice for large spaces or low buildings. The horizontal storage system can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reduced picking times significantly.

  • WMS & Control Software

    WMS & Control Software

    TC2000 is a WMS system that is developed to be used with storage automates. It can be used as standalone system or connected easily to existing WMS systems.

  • Small part handling matrix

    Small part handling matrix

    Small part handling in storage machines or shelving system? Which storage system best suits your needs and requirements?