Accessories - Vertical Carousel (PATERNOSTER)

Accessories - Vertical Carousel (PATERNOSTER)

  • Article Management Software TC2000

    Article Management Software TC2000

    TC2000  is a complete WMS designed for automatic storage and can be integrated into all Constructor machines.

  • Position Indication List

    Position Indication List

    The position indication list shows the operator in which direction the machine should move from their present location to the next pick. This improves picking speed and reduces errors.

  • Electrical Door

    Electrical Door

    With an electrical door you can easily close the machine for the night and prevent  unauthorized use. It can also be integrated to fire suppression systems.

  • Wireless Bar code reader

    Wireless Bar code reader

    To optimise picking efficiency.

  • Batch Picking List

    Batch Picking List

    TC2000 makes it possible to use batch picking with the machines. A batch picking list can be integrated beside all machines.

  • Intermediate Shelf/Sublevel

    Intermediate Shelf/Sublevel

    All Paternoster carriers can be equipped with sub-levels and plastic bins.

  • Divider


    When there is a need for separating items, Tornado trays and Paternoster carriers can be equipped with dividers instead of boxes.

  • Labelprinter


    Model CLP521