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All companies and operations no matter of sighting, private, municipal or government  operations do normally have rooms for a change of clothing for its employees. Rooms for changing of cloth are the premises where employees change clothing at arrival at work and change to ”civilian” at the end of the work shift. Those rooms should be equipped with lockable cloth lockers of shifting size and design. Every employee should have their own locker.

Lockers exist in a large variation from very simple lockers manufactured by steel to design lockers of wood or laminate design. Mutual for all lockers however are a design giving option to store a change of cloth and preferable with a dividing partition in order to be able to store civilian cloths as well as working clothes. In order to get the best possible hygiene, lockers should be designed with ventilation or/and connected with a mechanical ventilation system.



Rooms for change and their furnishing are in certain environments exposed for a large degree of wear and tear and due to this lockers are often reinforced in frame work and doors.

The locking is either designed with a door-latch with padlock or an inbuilt cylinder locking Special design is common for certain occupations with an open design where a fast access is a demand i.e. fire stations. It is important to decide way of utilization in order to get the right solution with the right accessories. Constructos's lockers and part cabinets are always designed in requested quality and a high degree of service level.

Most common are lockers manufactured by steel and available pre-mounted from 1-4 in a lane or knocked down for mounting at room space. The product group also consists of part cabinets of different sizes and design. Kindergartens and schools as well as cloak-rooms and places of meetings are mostly designed with some kind of lockable storing cabinets. Municipal service establishments like sports grounds and swimming halls always have lockers in their rooms for change. The lockers are delivered with basement or legs in a frame work and are often equipped with a front mounted seat. The design of lockers have a large variation mutual however is the demand for a safe and from environmental point of view well adapted storage of the clothes of employees




  • Width: 300 or 400 mm
  • Flat or leaning ceiling
  • Shipment: pre mounted or in  ”knock down” design
  • Available with basement or legs and seat in front
  • Available in most colours
  • Available in steel, laminate or wood