References - Lift Systems (TORNADO)

  • Atlet, Sweden

    Atlet, Sweden

    Atlet’s plant has three intenal warehouses, one for incoming components, an intermediate parts warehouse and a finished goods warehouse.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Berner Oy, Finland

    Berner, Finland

    By investing in six Paternosters and one double Tornado picking errors decreased and batch picking allowed for quick and efficient picking.

  • Bosch, Denmark

    Bosch, Denmark

    Bosch (Holger Christiansen A/S) in Denmark, appears an unassuming building from the outside but when you step inside you become quickly aware that it is far from ordinary.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Dani-tech, Denmark

    Dani-tech, Denmark

    When Danitech had four Tornado machines installed it made a significant difference to their efficiency, control, working environment and safety precautions.

  • Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Bauhaus wanted to significantly improve their delivery service by offering their customers next day deliveries for online orders to secure their continued growth.

  • Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil Ab, located in Gothenburg, has the mechanics' tools stored in an automatic Constructor Tornado storage machine.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Elektroskandia, Finland

    Elektroskandia, Finland

    Computer controlled storage and transfer systems have significantly improved the efficiency of product storage and picking.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: H. Kraatz, Finland

    H. Kraatz, Finland

    At Kraatz two Tornado DTs were placed facing each other so they achieved the capacity of four Tornados in one picking point.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Holger Christiansen, Denmark

    Holger Christiansen, Denmark

    Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision to build a central warehouse. This was specifically designed for our Double Tornado machines.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Koiviston Auto, Finland

    Koiviston Auto, Finland

    For a new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto installed four new Paternosters and transferred five older units to sit with a Tornado machine.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: LG Chem Polska Sp. Z o.o, Poland

    LG Chem Polska Sp. Z o.o, Poland

    Simple, easy and more efficient storage system were required, to increase storage at an existing warehouse.

  • Pas Reform, Netherlands

    Pas Reform, Netherlands

    Our Office in the Netherlands installed two Tornado vertical lift storage machines, each with a height of 10 metres, for Pas Reform in the Netherlands, which resulted in a shelf storage area of 564m2 on a floor area of just ​​27m2.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

    Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

    Scandinavian eyewear is one of the leading suppliers and design companies in Scandinavia of fashion glasses and spare parts.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Servistik, Sweden

    Servistik, Sweden

    The warehouse has been restored and equipped with 6 large Tornado storage machines in addition to pallet racking P90 Silverline and traditional shelving system HI280.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Stema Engineering, Denmark

    Stema Engineering, Denmark

    The TORNADO is placed in the production warehouse, against the wall to the storage warehouse.

  • STG, Denmark

    STG, Denmark

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is very familiar with using semi-automatic machines which improves their warehouse logistics, but wanted to install an innovative ‘Tornado Humidor’ for the storage of finished cigars.

  • Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Constructor reference: Svenska Bil, Sweden

    Svenska Bil, Sweden

    Svenska Bil i Norden invested in a new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access to spare parts and reduced space at the new plant.