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Finished Goods Storage 

The packaging, storage and dispatch of manufactured items are the final challenges in the manufacturing process. Is it a direct dispatch to a customer or made for stock? Depending on the dimensions and weight along with any shelf life issues we can help you determine the storage method most suitable.

Generally the solutions when storing finished goods are similar to those associated with raw material storage. 


Pallet Racking 

Pallet racking is the most common method of pallet storage and is perfect for a finished goods warehouse in any manufacturing environment where goods are palletised prior to shipping. 

Read more about Pallet Racking here


Pallet Shuttle /Drive In

By removing access lanes, this allows you to load and retrieve goods from the front face and is the perfect answer for bulk storage challenges.

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 Pallet Shuttle system

Pallet Flow / Pallet Racking

Ideal for FIFO operation, provides automatic stock rotation. Provides fast access to the goods, perfect for storage of goods with a high turnover.

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Ideal for the storage of small goods and non-palletised items, offering an extensive range of accessories.  

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 Shelving System


Ideal for the storage of longer goods with a range of light or heavy duty arms available.

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Long goods handling
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Protection Devices and Safety Accessories

Any storage method is a dynamic environment with constant product rotation and fast moving forklift trucks. This translates to frequent damage, which can be prevented by using our specially designed protection devices.

Read more about our Safety Accessories here.

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