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Challenges at the production line:

  • Optimum position of raw materials or components
  • JIS (Just in Sequence) delivery, without waiting times
  • Fast, safe and ergonomic handling of the production line
  • Maintain good 5S levels in a busy production environment
  • Buffer storage of raw materials or sub components
  • Safe method for transferring stillages within the manufacturing areas
  • Adjustable storage system for storing items of different sizes and weight
  • Reduce inaccurate component selection

Your manufacturing facility will probably have a number of production areas each with specialist tools or machinery to carry out their activity.

Successful storage should provide the flexibility to accommodate your equipment and your raw materials, but it should also have the potential to be adjusted to reflect any changes you make. Kaizen or 'good change' will require your storage to have the potential to be adapted as you upgrade your process or phase in or out manufactured products.

Neat and efficient storage of small parts is essential

The Carton flow can be a vital part in the supply chain of components to assembly lines and conveyer belt lines. A picking station is constructed with built in gravity fed tracks that can transport components to the assembly station, without the need for manual intervention or automation.

Carton flow tracks are also ideal in warehouses to enable loading of goods at the rear of the racking and unloading at the front face, this product enables a company to operate using a FIFO picking method (First In First Out). Carton Flow is suitable for the transfer of cartons, this method of picking is also available for pallets, see Pallet Flow for more details. 

Read more about Carton Flow here. 

Picking unit for assembly and production lines

Pull-Out Unit for better accessibility

The Pallet Pull-Out Units makes it possible to move pallets back and forward similar to drawers, even with a full load up to 1000 kg.

• Increase storage capacity
• Create space 
• Easy access 
• Increased picking rates 
• Good working environment

The Pull- Out Unit will save you both space and time, all while ensuring a good working environment with ergonomic picking. 

Read more about Pull-Out Units here.

Vertical Storage Machines

For maximum efficiency when batch picking or providing secure tool storage.

An automatic storage system can save up to 70% on floor space, reduce picking errors by 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

The most efficient way of using storage machines is to have article management included with the machine. TC2000 article management software is especially developed for our storage machines and it can be included as standard to all our machines.

Read more about storage machines here.  

Stillage Floor Guides

This robust solution offers a low maintenance, heavy duty floor guidance system that can be used in a number of manufacturing areas. Produced from 8-10mm steel and painted yellow for increased visibility they offer an effective solution to demarcate manufacturing zones. 

Commonly used to provide a more definite floor channel for the transfer of stillages or heavy goods. They are also popular in providing designated movement  areas for fork lift trucks and offer a  safe and robust solution for any storage situation. The floor guides are bolted securely to the floor but can be easily moved if layouts change by simply removing the bolts and repositioning in the new location.  

Moveable Shelving Units

The Constructor Shelving system, HI280, can be designed in a number of complex ways. However one simple solution is very popular with our manufacturing customers, the Moveable Shelving Unit. By mounting a small shelving unit on wheels this enables a small storage unit to be created which is ideal for small parts, tools, personal items or manufacturing components.

This unit can accommodate a number of shelf options and also tailored using our extensive range of accessories. The wheels provide the freedom to move the unit between production zones offering an easy method of transportation with the contents all contained in a single unit, the wheels can be easily locked into place, once the shelving unit is repositioned.

Read more about shelving and accessories.


Plastic Bins

Constructor Plastic Bins are manufactured from high grade polypropylene which means that in addition to being both water and oil resistant, they are extremely durable and designed to stand up to constant use in a demanding work environment.

The bins can also incorporate an angled label holder for the easy reading of a barcode or label.

Quick fit lock-in dividers are also available to segment the larger bins to ensure the maximum use of the available capacity.

Read more about plastic storage bins and containers here.

  • Constructor - C Rail Protection Barrier
  • Constructor - Floor mounted Column Guard
  • Constructor - Frame End Protector 01
  • Constructor - Safety Barrier System 02
  • Constructor - Vertical Safety Back Stop 02
  • Constructor - Snap on Column Guard

Protection Devices and Safety Accessories

Any storage method is a dynamic environment with constant product rotation and fast moving forklift trucks. This translates to frequent damage, which can be prevented by using our specially designed protection devices.

Read more about our Safety Accessories here.

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